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Another Novice Success Story

Dear Brian,

My son Louis and I took your novice course this summer in Houston. I had a camo Browning 12-gauge two-barrel with a stock that was too short.

Since then, I have followed your advice and got a left-handed Browning 32-inch sporting Citori 725. I bought a battery-operated target thrower and started practicing.

It paid off today.

We had our first waterfowl hunt in our woods. Until today’s second season opener, we didn’t have anything in our woods other than woodies.

I killed four mallards. Three were crossing, and one was dropping in the hole. I didn’t cripple them. I didn’t take two shots. One shot each, and they fell like rocks. We ended up with 12 ducks, and I folded six.

Thanks so much.

– David R.