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Where Did January Go?

Here it is the end of January, and where did the days go?

After we all got back from San Diego, Gil and I went to Safari Club International Convention in Reno, Nevada to do seminars. We had a full house for each of the seminars and people even came early so they wouldn’t miss anything. At dinner one night, we did get to see Rick Carter. It certainly was fun to go to a local place and have good food.

We got home on Saturday from Reno, and by Monday Gil had the crud, so he spent the entire week in bed. On Thursday, Brian and I drove to Dallas for the Dallas Safari Club to do seminars there. We once again had a lot of people. They were mostly people we had not seen before, which was exciting. We drove home on Saturday in a blustery north wind.

Gil still didn’t feel good so he stayed in bed since he had to go to Sarasota on Thursday to do three days of teaching. Brian and I were slammed here; me doing lessons and Brian doing clinics, so we were all working.

This weekend it’s off to 74 Ranch to hunt quail with the ShotKam to get more videos for the Knowledge Vault. Be sure and check out the new videos posted in a few weeks.