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Sensory Shutdown

“Let’s look at an aspect of sensory shutdown we all have to deal with when performing in a pressure situation: making a decision when the adrenaline is flowing and your heart is pumping.

A healthy person’s heart rate is a good indication of general fitness levels, because the fitter someone is, the lower their resting heart rate is, and the longer it takes them to reach their maximum heart rate.

Even when the heart rate gets into three figures, fine motor skills – hand-eye coordination, etc. – begin to deteriorate. Slowing your breathing to get some oxygen in and reduce your heart rate will help you to execute the skill better.

It’s an approach I’d recommend to anyone, whether you’re about to play a tough shot on the pool table in the local pub or preparing to walk into a room full of strangers on your first day in a job: slow your world down with some deep breaths and slower exhalations.”

From “The Pressure Principle” by Dave Alred