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Sleep is the most often overlooked aspect of peak performance!

Sleep is tied to:

  • Reaction time
  • Mental awareness
  • Muscular recovery
  • Converting what you just learned to memory!

Only four hours of sleep a night for a week is like drinking a six-pack and then going to work! Lack of sleep causes testosterone levels to temporarily drop and dip by an amount equal to 11 years of aging, and a single all-nighter can also do the same thing!

Eight hours of good sleep is essential. Early into a night’s sleep, the blood supply to the muscles increases, and human growth hormones are released, which allow the body to repair itself. The brain rehearses and organizes new information it learned that day.

In the final quarter of sleep activity, the motor cortex creates new muscle memory from the day’s activity.

When sleep is cut short, testosterone levels don’t fully replenish, muscles don’t rebuild and recover, and new information does not make it into long-term memory!