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Why Pro Shooters Don’t Make Great Coaches

Why don’t pro shooters make great coaches?

They invariably try to get you to do and see what they do and see when they shoot. They believe that you can do it, but you can’t. More often than not, their correction for you is what their correction would be based on their million-target database. You can implement it while they are there, but after they leave, you can’t.

The other thing pro shooters have not understood is that you must coach differently based on the age of the student. What I say to a 15-year-old differs greatly from what I say to a 45-year-old. And it’s really different for a 65-year-old. The same is true for male vs. female shooters.

We have learned how to coach shooters with a variety of goals, as well as shooters with no goals, hunters that will not practice, and so on.

The popular misconception is that everyone wants to be a world champion!

News flash: fewer than 40 shooters in the world have the time to build a world championship game, not to mention the money. If you did not start shooting targets at age eight, you ain’t gonna be a contender.

The common thread in all the young guns is shooting targets since they were eight, raised on a range, or had an unlimited budget from parents to shoot as much as they wanted (free targets and ammo).