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True Measure of a Person

Failure is inevitable and is the most feared confrontation of most people’s lives. But at the same time, it is a necessary part of skill-building.

I said something the other day in a way that I have never said before. “When correcting from a failure, you are actually explaining to your brain in more specific terms exactly what you want it to do on the next attempt!”

I had never looked at it that way.

Most people don’t use failure as an opportunity to learn. They are so mad at the failure that their anger masked the cause of it. This creates the inevitability that they will make the same mistake again and again!

Why do they get mad? Out of concern or fear of what others might say, think, or do!

In other words, our ego or self-worth gets in the way of learning or bettering our skills, because we had rather succeed than fail and learn. In fact, most will do anything in their power to not fail. And in trying to not fail they never learn or improve. Little is learned.

Anyone can handle success. The true measure of a person is in how they handle failure and adversity!