Regardless of where you are in your shooting game, the Ashes can help you bring it to the next level. Whether you shoot sporting clays, trap, skeet, or hunt birds, the OSP method will show you how!

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The Biggest Mistake We See

At the end of the day, the biggest mistake we see athletes make is a lack of a detailed preload of the movie of how they are committing to make the shot come together.

It is the leading cause for performance ceilings being lower than athletes’ abilities and never consistently reaching the zone.

When the athletes understand that they are building their own zone through their own repetition, then they practice more effectively and can see the same results they are looking for. This leads to more and more high-level practice, which allows for them to anticipate farther and farther in front of where they are.

This allows for higher levels of performance with less and less visual input. This is what we now understand is the zone!

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