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Deliberate Practice: Three to Four Basic Moves

I went to range Thursday night and shot three boxes. While I missed some easy shots, I stuck with the program and did not get emotionally involved.

I went back to range on Saturday and shot seven boxes and it all came back. While I had a couple of hiccups, all in all, I really felt in control of the targets.

I just had a little problem with a long, slow curler left to right and was not giving it enough lead. But I was at the beginning of the session!

This is deliberate practice: shooting singles and making myself do it correctly, advancing my ability to replicate and be clear to the brain what pattern I want it to use. The more similar all moves are, the easier it is for the brain to track and replicate.

At the end of the day, there are really only about three or four different moves. All others are modifications of those basic moves.

The goal is to hone those moves to become more perfect and to emphasize not hitting the target, but hitting it hard correctly. And the better you get at it, the more to the edges of your ability you can go.

Keep moving the breakpoint until you feel the fear, and then train it into your comfort zone!