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The More Times You Create the Pattern the Same Way

We see shooters who are practicing just trying to break the target.

When the broken target is a result of a detailed preload and happens just like the preload, you can believe it and begin to trust it.

You cannot trust what you cannot see in your mind’s eye. Your performance depends more on your attitude and the correct number of reps than any other thing.

Does your practice do these four things?

1. Push you out of your comfort zone
2. Give immediate feedback
3. Develop the skills that top performers possess
4. Have a specific detailed preload

As I look back on past performances, I always broke the targets I had a clear immediate preload on with little effort. When the preload was more “I’m gonna try this,” it was not as clear and the result was less than desirable.

The brain sees skills as patterns. Practicing is creating the same pattern over and over: View…detailed preload…close, address, “pull,” evaluate…repeat…

The more times you create the pattern the same way, the easier it is for the pattern to be recognized by the brain and to be replicated by the brain.