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50/50 Flat Shooting Gun

A range owner in North Carolina shot my gun and instantly wanted me to cut his Guerini so it would fit and shoot like mine. So, he sent it to me and I cut it to fit me and sent it back.

He has had the same result, and everyone he shows it to is amazed at how well they shoot it and how well it fits.

I said all that to tell you this: rarely will anyone pick up a factory gun that will fit them or that can be adjusted with a moveable comb to really fit them. Because almost without exception, guns that come from the factory with moveable combs are too high and too wide with the comb bottomed out in its lowest position! 

In conclusion, I would mount as many guns as I could and see how hard it is to mount them and see flat down the rib with slight cheek pressure! When you find one that fits with slight cheek pressure, buy it on the spot and come see us to learn how to shoot it.

Oh, and the reason we have come to the 50/50 flat shooting gun? At the last National Championship, they set 63 percent of the targets to be shot on a downward trajectory!

So, if your gun shoots high, what do you think that does to your score? And we have seen the same percentages of downward targets at almost all the courses we go to!