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Focus on Target

I have 95 to 98 percent of my focus – awareness, attention, thought, intent – on the target and enough awareness of the muzzle to know the target is behind where it pointed, and that the muzzle speed is the same as the target’s speed. That’s when I send the shot.

When I have been shooting a lot, such as the three weeks before our Advance Classes in late February and March, after about 1,500 rounds what I see when triggering the shot is about the same as far as lead. That is, except when I have to shoot right at something due to distance or speed or angle.

It sounds crazy, but it really looks the same to me. The bird is coming to me and there is a separation between the target and the barrel. And the bird is behind the barrel. I know that means it is either to the left of my barrel or across my barrel.

I am comfortable with those pictures and have shot them so many times that my brain has made them look almost the same.