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Oh, To Know Then What We Know Now!

As I said in an earlier post, when I am shooting well and really in sync with the targets, everything looks almost the same and seems to be moving in slow motion. The mental pictures just come as a flashback when viewing the look targets. It just happens and it really feels great.

I just don’t have the stamina that I used to have, and I get tired sooner than I used to. I really have to blink and leave my eyes closed for a second or so before each target or pair.

We don’t shoot tournaments anymore because our workweek is Wednesday through Sunday and we are really busy on the road and in Houston. So, when we go to the Nationals each year we have shot maybe four to six boxes of shells before our arrival. So the first 200-300 birds are practice for shooting pairs.

At each stand, we get better and better. Then the rhythm kicks in and the timing comes back and the fun begins. I shoot respectable scores for a day or so, and then I just get tired! I still shoot okay. But I’m just not tuned up like we were 30 years ago when we shot tournaments a lot.

Wow, have things changed since then… the targets, the science of visuomotor skill development, memory, what the brain does automatically, and how to prioritize normal brain function with what it does most efficiently!

Oh, to know then what we know now!