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We See It Every Day

When I am shooting well, things really look the same to me. Everything is in slow motion like the ShotKam videos in our Knowledge Vault!

The futility of trying to see what someone else sees comes from those who are looking for the magic bullet. News flash: there ain’t no magic bullet!

What you see must evolve. The brain must understand what about the visual data is confusing or nonessential to the visual program (movie) you have programmed. This needs to happen before you close the gun and call “pull.”

Most shooters (and I would guess 85 percent of the readers of this blog) are closing the gun with no visual preload of what they are about to ask their brain to do at the end of the shot. And then they frantically try to fix it and hit the bird!

Yep, we see it every day.

Close the gun, call “pull,” and chase the target and fix the lead at the end. And they wonder why they don’t get better…