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Learning to Compete: It’s Lonely When You Do it Right

As you from E through B class, you’ll practice more singles than pairs. You’ll be working on your move and mount and moving your breakpoints so you can begin to play shape on the first bird in a pair. You’ll be making the trip to the second bird shorter and more efficient.

This is a lonely time if you’re doing it right. Few people want to really practice or train, because they don’t realize the value of building good habits that will hold up under pressure. Most shooters just want to go shoot and call it “practice.” That’s why so many shooters are stuck at 75 percent.

When moving through A and AA Class, you will be learning to compete. Most of your training will be on pairs and the more difficult separator targets. You will continue to find a shot in a tournament that you did not shoot well. When that happens, you will set it up somewhere and learn to shoot it, or you will take the problem to an experienced coach to help you.