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How Your Brain Puts Circuits Together

On a recent Coaching Hour, I talked about how there’s less emphasis on the mechanics of the shot back in the cage and more emphasis on the last 15 percent of how I wanted the shot to go, as well as where I wanted the shot to be taken.

As we were practicing at Westside, I remember feeling really at ease. There was no pressure. We weren’t hurrying. We were just having fun until we got in the box. When we got in the box, it was all about what we were about to do. We went downrange with the target and let our brains put the circuit together. Our brains knew it had to use that circuit to break the target.

When trying to do something, our thought processes often micromanage what the brain does best: pulling different parts of different circuits together that it used in the past to accomplish the visual movie of where and how you want the shot to come together. The brain can do that almost instantaneously.

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