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Linking Your Movements Together

As you go on the journey of shooting single targets, you work on perfecting your game through repetition. You work on being critical; not about whether you broke the target, but how the target was broken. You can then begin to attach similar links of movement to certain shots.

Linking these movements allows the brain to begin to categorize certain shot sequences that it can begin to call upon when faced with similar shots.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of two things: First, the vivid movie of how you want the shot to come together. And second, the post-shot visualization of how it came together. This enables the brain to recall that circuit in a shorter amount of time and in a more precise way.

Always be willing to attempt a shot, regardless of how crazy it might be. That allows you to push the brain to sync parts of different circuits to make something new, and keep pushing forward to learn new things!