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Vary Your Practice as Much as Possible

In Houston, we’re fortunate that we have quite a few clubs to go to. But if you practice at the same place every time, you need to vary it as much as you can.

I recommend mixing it up as much as possible – not necessarily practicing pairs. But practice singles, playing the game, and retrieval as often as possible. Always change your breakpoint whenever you can. After two or three shots, practice these three moves: the catch, the convergence, and the challenge move. The more I shoot the challenge move, the more amazed I am at what it can actually do, even though you don’t see the target as sharply and clearly until you pull the trigger.

The more varied your practice targets, the more you have to practice retrieval, and the more you’ll force the brain to create the circuits necessary for you to break each target where and how you’ve chosen to break it.

I can’t stress this enough. When you are practicing the way you should on varied targets in different breakpoints, your brain is going to tell you that you’re not learning as much as you should or could. But the research shows that you are!