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Score Plateau: 75

Score Plateau: 75

You are here because 75 percent of the targets in the round can be shot with three inches of lead or less, and the size of your pattern makes up for many mounting and pointing errors. But if you have learned to move and mount the gun, you won’t spend much time here.

Now you have to learn sight pictures (there are only two) and train to minimize the amount of movement during the shot and begin shooting targets with less follow-through.

Why less follow through? Well, our targets are delivered in pairs and the target setter will pick your pocket in the transition between the first breakpoint and the pick-up point on the second target.

So, two things have to happen here. You must begin to learn to break the targets in specific breakpoints (sweet, early, and late) so you can play shape on the first bird of the pair and minimize the amount of eye and gun movement to the second target.

As you implement this in your practice you will see your move from the first breakpoint to the second target become more efficient due to having less follow-through to stop and change directions.