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Score Plateau: 93 and Above

Score Plateau: 93 and Above

It’s hard to call 93 a “plateau.” Most shooters would love to be able to say they had plateaued at 93. But the sad truth is, few shooters have the commitment to do what it takes to get here. Because they never put in the time on their game to practice consistency, they never become consistent.

We have coached hundreds of shooters to this level, and without exception, they all have flawless moves and mounts. They never check the gun in the setup or the shot. They have burned the sight pictures into their permanent memory.

When they look at the show birds, they instantly see the movie of how the shot is going to come together. Every time they call “pull,” they have given their brain a clear picture from the library of sight pictures they have specifically put in there from hundreds of practice sessions.

One day they are shooting in a tournament and realize they are on the cusp of winning one. They pull from their experiences of the past. And they realize they can’t get careful or become hesitant and check the lead. Every time they tried that in the past, it has not worked. This memory gives them the courage to let it go and trust themselves enough to really finish on top the first time.

After they get that one under their belt, they know how they got there and what it feels like to win one. Then they feed on that as they reach higher and higher levels of performance.

And that, children, is how you get to the top. Only in fairy tales and fiction novels will shooters win their club championship and the next week win the Open or Nationals.

To do that takes a lot of hard work – and the dictionary is the only place where success comes before work!