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Back to Normal – A Quick Update

It’s been a busy couple of months and it feels like we are getting back to normal and traveling to clinics again. We have been to Iowa, North Carolina, Colorado, South Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, and Tennessee.

We’ve met a lot of nice folks and made them better shooters. There have been a lot of new faces, a lot of “a-has” and smiles and looks of relief on students’ faces when they understand how to correct a miss. But more importantly, they now know how to make a plan and execute the plan… and it all makes sense.

Students like the fact that we put so much science behind what we say and have them do and it works for them.

We haven’t been able to do any more videos, since the weather hasn’t cooperated at all. When the skies are clear and beautiful, we can’t shoot video because the clay doesn’t appear to move. When we had some clouds, we got the rain.

It has been a very wet spring and summer so maybe we won’t have a storm come close. That would be a relief.

We have our 46th wedding anniversary on Monday, August 2nd, so we are going to the bay to celebrate. And maybe we’ll get some fishing in if the mosquitos don’t take us away.

Hope you are all well, and stay safe!