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News from Vicki: New Clubs and Starting Over

It’s the end of October, which means the rest of the year is going to fly by and 2022 will be upon us.

We’ve had a great year and it’s been fun to get back traveling again and seeing repeat students and meeting a lot of new friends. We went to nine new clubs and had great responses from those students. We will be doing our 2022 calendar of events in November, so be sure and look at the calendar and find out where we will be and where you can come to see us.

What have our students learned?

You never have to look down the gun. Every time they have looked at it, it has been there, so they don’t have to look at it in the setup or during the shot.

Why do they think they need to look at the barrel during the shot? If you do look at it, you will stop and shoot behind the target. A center fielder on a baseball team doesn’t look at his glove when he is trying to catch a ball. I hope when you are driving, you don’t look at the front of the car when trying to change lanes.

It sounds silly, but everyone wants to know where the barrel is rather than letting the brain figure it out. The gun is a part of the picture, but a very small part.

Getting My Shooting Back

I’m going through a lot of differences in my shooting. After having the cataract surgery then going through the macular hole issue, I have started shooting again for the first time in three years. And it has not been easy. I feel like I’m starting over from the beginning of my shooting.  But it will get better.

Brian and I went out recently and he helped me get my timing back. As the hour went on, I got better. But I will need to really work on my game.

It was nice to see the target coming to the barrel and stabilizing the picture. The biggest problem for me is because I can see so much in my periphery, I see everything. It’s just a little distracting, but the pictures are starting to come together. I have been watching the Knowledge Vault’s Kill Shot Reviews, so that too has helped to get the pictures back.

We will get some good practice at Nationals. Come by and say hello if you’re in San Antonio.

Thanksgiving and Christmas will soon be here. Stay safe!

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