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Do You Need a High-Rib Shotgun?

A local shooter here in Houston who is moving from skeet into sporting clays has learned a valuable lesson about stock fit.

He’s in the pattern stock phase and is shooting an “Ashed” comb on his Perazzi. He’s shooting better skeet than he ever has and is doing quite well with the OSP system of shooting on sporting clays.

In a discussion the other day, he told me he’s shooting with a more erect head position with a gun with a low rib and a lower comb. This is the opposite of what everyone is saying!

Conventional wisdom says you need a high-rib gun to shoot with a more erect head position. But a high-rib gun with a stock that is too high will make you roll your head forward to get down on the rib. Your head will be forward and not be more erect!