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It’s Shaping Up to Be an Eventful 2022

We are almost to the end of January, and what a busy month it has been.

We have almost all the clubs and dates for this year posted. It will be a busy year like 2021 was.

Brian and Gil went to Florida on January 2nd to start the year off at South Florida Shooting Club, teaching a group for three days. Then they drove over to Sarasota and taught there for three days. Full classes for six days!

They came home on Monday, and it has been busy every day either teaching or cutting stocks for students.

2022 SCI Convention – Las Vegas, NV

We did seminars at the SCI Convention in Las Vegas and took the weekend off to relax. The winds have been so bad in Texas that we haven’t even been down to the bay to fish. But we are going to try to solve that issue.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new makeover of the website and that you’re getting ready for your year by looking at the Kill Shot Reviews. Even if it’s too cold to go outside, you can still get ready for the shooting year by looking at those reviews.

At the SCI seminars, we had so many people who came up and told us that they were really enjoying the Knowledge Vault and were learning so much by going through it.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and here’s to a fabulous New Year!