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Another Great Advance School Wrapped Up

Another Great Advance School Wrapped Up

We are at the end of March, and I have to say it’s been a busy month. Our Advance School took up the first two weeks with a great group each week. There were a lot of new students, and it was a lot of fun seeing them come to the 74 Ranch and become totally immersed in the OSP system of shooting.

All the participants had previously had lessons from us and throughout the three and a half days, they got to meet fellow students who had the same drive to improve their shooting. It’s always fun watching how the students bond and become great friends for life.

We start in the classroom and then proceed to the clays course where the variety of targets is endless. It’s a great place to train, as there are at least four traps (if not six) on every station.

By the second day, everyone was shooting at 80-yard crossing targets off a 100-foot tower and hitting them! But it was the rabbit target that had many people scratching their heads. Brian got to solve those issues by placing a target on a tree behind the path of the rabbit and making everyone shoot right at it. Then they were able to hit the target by shooting right at it.

Great job, Brian!

A Quick Break Before More Teaching

We drove right past the exit for the bay house so all of us made that turn and spent some well-deserved time off.

The weather turned rainy by Tuesday, so we packed up and came home. But it was nice for a couple of days. The next weekend, Brian had to work so I took over his kids and we had a ball doing kid things.

We went home and Gil and I went back to the bay for a few days before coming home to teach every day. Then we taught a two-day clinic at our field at American Shooting Centers which had 10 people each day. There were a few repeat offenders, but most were new students to us.

The hardest thing to get them to do was to get their head off the stock and nose on the target. Everyone wants to be all set with their head on the stock and lining up those beads—and that will not work!  But by Sunday at noon, they all had their heads away from the stock, could see the target, and then actually hit it.

Coaching Hour Wisdom

Wednesday was Coaching Hour night and we reflected on the Advance School. Then we had a discussion of the book, “The Little Book of Talent” by Daniel Coyle. It’s a great book with a lot of interesting ways to be a better performer at anything you want to perform better in. The chapters are short, so it’s not hard to read. It’s the book we gave everyone at the Advance School to help them become better performers.

We go to Camanche Hills in California this month and the rest of the month will be private clinics – and maybe some fishing! April will be non-stop, as every weekend is full.

Check out our schedule and see when we get close to you and come see us!