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Matching Muzzle Speed and the Road to Consistency

We have shooters from Canada, Europe, Australia, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa, and Chile who email us to say how much less confusion they’re experiencing in their wing and clay shooting and how much more consistent they have become in their shooting.

There is one more common thread that all these shooters are discovering that enables them to self-correct in the field or on the range: matching muzzle speed to the bird’s speed before sending the shot.

When your brain learns to accept the muzzle in your periphery, then you can work on matching the speed of the bird with your muzzle. Things you’re aware of in your periphery are as much as 300 milliseconds behind real time. But when the speed is matched long enough for you to see it, the delay is moot. And what you see when the shot goes off is real and can be replicated. And more importantly, it can be corrected instantly in the field or on the range.

The genesis of confidence is in self-correction. And self-correction is impossible if you don’t know what it looked like when the trigger was pulled. This is why “same speed at the end” is so important.