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A Change in Our Approach to Shotgunning

Six to eight years ago, we dramatically changed our approach to coaching clay and wing shooting after reading Anders Ericsson’s book “Peak,” where he talks about why and in what detail the brain must have a mental representation of what you ask it to do before you ask it to do it!

So, we changed our approach from getting shooters to hit targets with the same flawed swing mechanics to making fundamental changes in their mechanics so they could self- correct.

The first step in self-correction is the elimination of as many variables as possible that are creating inconsistencies in their fundamentals game that make the root cause for the miss much more obvious. Hence, “self-correction!”

Regardless of how sound a shooter’s fundamentals really are, the eventual missed target or bird will occur. At that point, the shooter must not only have a plan to correct the missed target but must have practiced that plan when training or practicing.