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Back from Nationals

We are just getting back from the NSCA National Tournament in San Antonio where we spent eight days in an RV. It was a great time seeing all the folks – sponsors and friends that we have been with for the past 35 years.

This is the only tournament that we shoot all year so it is always nice to go and be able to shoot and enjoy it. My eyes have finally gotten where they are working together. However, since I had only practiced a few times before we went, the sight pictures were not completely back. But they are getting better each day.

We had only practiced shooting singles, but Nationals is all pairs, so had to get that rhythm back. It took several days, but that, too, got better. All three of us went and shot the main on Saturday and Sunday – that was 150 targets each day for both days.

On Monday we shot the Krieghoff Kup, on Tuesday it was the Super Sporting, Wednesday the 28-gauge 100-bird event, and the 28-gauge FITASC. We ended on Thursday with the 20-gauge 100-bird event and 20-gauge FITASC. That’s 800 targets in five days! I must say that I was tired by Thursday afternoon and my gun had gotten heavy. On Friday morning we packed up the RV and left for Fulshear.

What a fun time! It reminds us why people do this silly game of breaking a target before it breaks when it hits the ground.

It was interesting to watch how people reacted to their misses. Throwing shells and telling themselves how stupid they are never helps their performance. What people do to submarine their performance is sad. Our student Max, who referees a lot of the local tournaments, says everyone needs to go referee a local tournament and see how people react to their misses. Instead of stopping and figuring out how to fix the miss, most just load and call “pull.” Until next year!

We are already making the calendar for next year and it is getting full, so if you want us to come to your club, let us know soon.

November will be here tomorrow and we know how fast the rest of the year goes from here on. So, try to slow down and enjoy the days as they are getting shorter.

Happy Thanksgiving!