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Shooting “Bling”

If I could find ten people that would give me a million dollars to have a AA game in sporting clays overnight, I’d make them all drink a pint of goat’s blood and then leave town with their money. They would be too sick for two days to find me, and I’d be gone by that time.

But you know as well as I do about what I call “shooting bling.” There are people out there that have the latest bling, thinking that they’re going to get better. If better chokes would make you a better shooter, then we have a lot of people shooting off for high overall.

The only way that having better equipment from a standpoint of glasses or chokes or bullets or anything like that is going to make you better is if you’re already one hell of a shot. That’s because the normal person isn’t good and consistent enough to appreciate what that equipment change will do for them.

In order to shoot higher more consistent scores, you’re going to have to learn something else that’s new to you.

This is an excerpt from the November 2011 Coaching Hour podcast. You can listen to it and read a written transcript, along with more than 20 years of archived episodes with your Knowledge Vault membership.