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Assessing Your Own Performance

How far you’re able to mount the gun in front of the bird is really determined by how many times you’ve mounted it out there. It’s more determined by how many times you’ve mounted it out there recently, because if you lay off and don’t shoot very much, the distance in front of the bird that you’re comfortable with shrinks.

When you go out, you have to either assess your last performance, or you need to assess last year. Did you have some strengths? Do you have some weaknesses? Based on your performances last year, what were your weaknesses? Once you know what your weaknesses are, then you should structure some sort of a regimented practice around each weakness and push it into a strength.
Did you keep a log last year? You need to go to your log and look at your post-tournament entries and say, “What did I have trouble with?” Were you able to correct any of those?