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Are You Comfortable? You’re Not Learning!

People are afraid to try things that they perceive is out of their comfort zone. And your learning occurs at the edge of your comfort zone. If you’re comfortable, you’re not learning. You need to make yourself uncomfortable.

If you’re going to shoot six boxes of shells, you need to have 15 shells that you shoot at two targets where you’re really uncomfortable, hit them or miss them, make your brain put together a different circuit, or a different file to see if you can problem-solve your way through it and actually hit it. You might surprise yourself.

But the long-term effect is when you see something you’ve never seen before. You’ve problem-solved before; it’s just a problem. Now what am I going to do? What tools are I going to use to hit that target? And you put them together and you find that file that the working memory takes a shot where and how you want it taken.

If you hit it, do the post-shot routine instantly. Then replay it, because that becomes your pre-shot visual for the next shot. And then do it again. If you hit it three times in a row, four times in a row, find something else that you’ve never seen before. See what your brain can do from a problem-solving standpoint. That’s the part that nobody practices.