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Building Your Habits in Practice

Skill building is a process that few really understand. And even fewer are willing to put in the time and repetitions necessary to really build skill in their shotgun game.
There are so many shooters out there who, for various reasons, just will not make the time to really build a game. As a result, they get stuck between 65 and 75 and just can’t get any better.
They shoot more and call it practice and go to tournaments and either try to shoot better or try carefully to think their way through each station, only to find themselves shooting the same scores they always shoot.
Skill is what happens when you are not thinking – but you cannot “not think!”
The frustrating part of trying to get better is that it has little to do with how much you shoot. Yet it has everything to do with what you do when you shoot. When you practice, you should be building habits by doing the same actions the same way over and over, so when you begin the action, the brain knows exactly what to do without you having to think about it while you are doing it.