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Your Attitude is Crucial

The journey to mastery involves controlling and dealing with the many challenges and adversity put in your pathway to teach and test you. Skill resides in the filler in the brain and as you go through the classes you are (or should be) building filler through repetitions and positive reactions to the good shots and performances, learning and correcting the mistakes!

Your attitude about doing the best you possibly can on every shot when training, practicing, or performing is critical to reducing the time it takes to build enough filler to achieve high-level performances. This is where patience and impatience become one. You must be patient and let the circuits in the brain evolve and at the same time want it to happen as quickly as possible.

This is the big conflict that must be monitored or mediated by the individual. And it’s where an experienced coach comes in to help shape the shooter based on what he or she sees from the outside in. An athlete rarely sees him or herself like the coach sees them because the athlete is impatient, and the coach is patient. It is the combination of the two and the trust that is built up through a working relationship that shortens the path.