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Light Cheek Pressure

Something that must be considered is the amount of cheek pressure required to shoot the gun consistently. If the salesman says you will have to cheek the gun a little tighter, don’t buy the gun.

Years of shooting and coaching has shown us that the greater amount of cheek pressure required to “make the gun shoot,” the greater amount of muzzle awareness the shooter will experience! Easily 90 percent of misses in the field and on the range can be traced back to muzzle awareness, either before or during the shot.

We have settled on light cheek pressure, because there is only one “light cheek pressure” and there’s an infinite amount of cheek weld! Believe us when we say you should stand with your heels comfortable below your armpits and 80-90 percent of your weight on your front foot with your spine curved slightly forward at the top, placing your cheek in front of your shoulder pocket. This allows for the gun to come to the cheek and shoulder at the same time, and how your cheek comes to the comb determines if the gun fits you.

With just the number of variables that we have discussed, you can begin to see why we said earlier that your ability to move and mount your gun consistently, in balance, and with the correct shooting posture will determine the quality of your gun fit.