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You Can’t Practice Confidence

Consistency and confidence cannot be practiced; they are what is left over from practicing, which is why you must bring your practice game to higher and higher levels. There is a myth out there that you can talk yourself into becoming a better shooter. But sorry, that golden ring or silver bullet doesn’t exist. You get better by hard work, not just shooting the course with your buddies.

Building an elite shotgun game is a difficult, lonely road that few who try ever really succeed at. And the same can be said about becoming the best at anything, for that matter. It takes time mixed with a lot of effort and a determination to persevere through all the problems and disappointments thrown in your pathway.

And there will be problems. But the problem is not that there are problems; the problem is thinking that having a problem is a problem.

So, when setbacks become an opportunity to learn, your journey has begun.