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The Habits That Are Hidden by Conscious Thought

Our research shows several patterns that have emerged over the years we have been professional coaches, and it basically boils down to two things: either shooters begin to try or begin to evaluate while they are performing. There is a sequence we have noticed as shooters begin to work their way through the classes. It begins with trying, hoping, and evaluating during the first third of the course. They stink it up, and quit trying and they shoot lights out.

They put two and two together and realize that they can’t try and shoot well, so they stop trying and begin to shoot well. All of a sudden, they are one-third of the way through the course, only down five, and because they have never been that far into a course down five, they begin to evaluate and try. Then they stink it up in the middle third and miss enough targets where they can’t win. So, they stop trying and shoot really well on the last third of the course.

Then they realize they can’t constantly be looking at the scorecard during the event and they make it through the first two-thirds of the course only down seven and they realize they have a good chance to win. Then – you guessed it – they begin to try and stink up the last third of the course, just to become frustrated again.

Eventually they realize that evaluating how they are doing is leading them to begin to try, and they begin to think. When you are thinking, all your habits are hidden from you because you are consciously thinking about what you are doing!

Remember, your skill resides in what the brain fills in that you are not aware of. So, when you begin to think, you cannot access your skill and you underperform.