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Don’t Sweat the Long Stuff

You need to be absolutely lethal within 25 yards. If you’re going to shoot tournaments, it’s not the long stuff that kills you. It’s the stuff that’s within the 20-to-25-yard mark. If you want to gain ground on a scorecard, that’s where it has to be done. It’s not the hard stuff; it’s the little easy stuff. You can put 100 targets on the ground, but you’re gonna miss one or two.

It goes back to routine. We tell people this all the time, especially the kids that we deal with. If you want an automatic increase in your scores, you got to close the gun the same and call “pull” at exactly the same time.

They look at you like you’re crazy. But if you can get them to slow down and get into that zone of just staying in the sequence, when the gun closes, you’re calling “pull” a second and a half later. That helps everything get quiet.

If you’re stuck in 70 to 75 percent, you do you need to look at gun fit. Because your brain can only make those corrections for you a certain number of times, and it’s that 68 to 74 percent. So, that’s something that needs to be addressed, along with being honest.

Have you practiced enough to believe that you can shoot in the 80s?