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Your Memory is a Choice

Remembering the past is intimately linked with imagining the future. You had a bad day at the shooting range and your buddy calls and says, “Let’s go shoot at that range.” You’ll probably say no, because you think back to the day that you didn’t shoot well.

As we’ve said thousands of times: it is what it is, it becomes what you make it, and you become how you remember it.

You have a choice. Instead of thinking about how bad you shot that day, if you went away from shooting at that range, saying “You know, I didn’t score as well as I could today. But I learned some valuable things that I can practice and make me better,” then you might want to go with your buddy and shoot it that range again because you’d want to go back over there and shoot targets in that background.

But because of the way the person they’re talking about reacted, and how he remembered that bad day that he had shooting at the range, it changed whether the guy even went and shot.

Becoming a positive person is not easy. We have been working with several people on turning everything they witness and experience into positive thoughts and they’re all doing remarkably well. But it’s a 30-day process of attempting to make that happen before you’re ever going to get seven days straight of turning everything that happens to you into a positive situation.

It takes a lot of work; it takes a lot of effort. The first few days you realize how negative you really are. That’s that three to one negative bias coming out.

So, just remember: it is what it is, it becomes what you make of it. The same thing can be positive or negative. But you become how you remember it.