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Building an Inventory of Sight Pictures

In the beginning, it will be difficult for you to commit to a shot as predicted because of your desire to break the target instead of executing the prediction to see if the prediction was correct.

When you begin to train this way – by committing to the shot the way you want it to come together via your prediction – you are building an inventory of sight pictures that are stored in your long-term memory and will be available for you to call on when training or shooting a tournament. The larger the inventory, the better you become at prediction and success, and the more detailed the inventory, the more consistent you become and the easier it becomes for you to commit to the shot you are about to take.

With an inventory of successfully predicted shots at your disposal, when you see a target, your brain says “I’ve seen that before!” or “Last time I got fooled on this shot but corrected it in practice, so we will do it this way!” Let’s roll!

Remember, this is the lonely and boring – but necessary – part of building a game with a shotgun.