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Shot Show 2013

The 2013 shot show was huge as it always is but it had a special meaning this year because of the gun violence in 2012 ending in December with the Sandy Hook shooting, the folks who buy and sell guns and accessories were on edge.We arrived in Las Vegas on Tuesday afternoon to get ready to meet with industry writers on Wednesday at a luncheon hosted by our PR company to introduce them to the new website, The Knowledge Vault and of course Gil and Vicki and OSP.We arrived early to the room where the luncheon would be held and met our computer nerd who has taken everything we have ever written-9 books and hundreds of articles, the 6 DVD’s, some of the animations onto a new Premium site that will be ready in a few weeks. It will be an ever expanding site of all the new things we are doing including The Coaching Hour audio available for your listening and learning pleasure. We will also be available for Skype calls for any questions you come up with. It is an exciting time for OSP and you.By 11:30am most of the writers were there and they of course had lunch first, why not FREE FOOD, then they began to circle the room and meet all the folks that were showing their wares. We had purchased a big 27″ Apple Monitor to show everyone a short 9 minute summary of the site and soon got the attention of the room. The Animations had people stop in their tracks and just watch the monitor and many remarked that they looked just like that when they were shooting BUT those remarks came on the incorrect move of being behind the target and having to hurry up and try to get to the front. The nice smooth move in sync with the target looked better and they all wanted to learn that move NOW. Gotcha!Another big realization was that you never look down the barrel of a shotgun. These were mostly rifle folks and not looking done the barrel was foreign to them but after seeing the correct moves they understood how keeping the target behind the barrel was more beneficial and easier to do. We even had a lady come by who said she had never ever hit a clay target and she watched the animations and realized she was looking right down that barrel every time she held a shotgun. She got so excited that she couldn’t wait to get home to try this new found system.. We will see her again.Also the big news of the day was that the President had turned over a list of things he wanted the congress to fix so the whole show gave a big sigh of relief and went about their business showing and selling product. Good for us all.Off to Florida to teach, then to Reno, NV for seminars at Safari Club International Convention. Whew this is a busy January.Vicki AshOSP Shooting SchoolShooting Editor Sporting Clays MagazineShotgunning Editor Safari Magazine

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