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New Website and Animations

Roll out of new website and animations was a success. We showed a room full of writers the Knowledge Vault concept and they were blown away not only with the amount of information that was searchable via the KV engine but the animations as well as the kill shots on doves from Argentina. Our PR agency, Media Direct, does a press luncheon at the shot show and has the companies they represent assembled around the parameter of the room with free food and drink for the writers. Go figure!After they eat they then talk to all the manufacturers in the room. The event begins at 11:30 and ends at 1:30. At 2:15 we finally had to tell the last of the crowd we had to go and catch a plane. During the last showing of the web site Vicki and Ryan met with a representative from Hunter Education Association and it seems they are very interested in working with us and the KV concept. We will be presenting for 1.5 hours to the general assembly at the IHEA…International Hunter Education Association in April inSan Antonio and prospects could not be brighter for a partnership between OSP and IHEA. We will be meeting with Texas hunter Ed specialist later this month to discuss their alliance with us as well.As with anything new or out of the box everything you do is an experiment and this outing at shot shot was no exception. We were so fortunate to have Ryan Rains the brain behind the knowledge vault assembly there with us and one thing was obvious, he knows a hellofalot more about what is in the KV than anyone including us, because he has had to touch almost every thing in it and we keep adding to what is there. He is getting a lot like Vicki when I say, “I was thing about………” He begins to flinch a little because he knows SOMETHING ELSE IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN and it ain’t gonna be inside the box!!! Anyway Ryan did a polite but masterful job of keeping me on point and explaining the concept of KV because as you all know I love to share and end up making everything a learning lesson.We r off to O K Coral in Fla and back to Hou on Monday and then Reno on Wed for SCI convention to do seminars and back home Sat then Phoenix on the next Wed for 4 days at Ben Avery. Response has been so great at both Fla and Az we are planing more dates there and maybe even a feb date in Fla at OK due to all the shooters we turned away because we were full 60 days out.Finally, I am still amazed at the number of people (even in the outdoor writing community) out there who look like deer in the headlights when it hits them that you don’t look down the barrel when shooting a moving object with a shotgun. Oh we’ll…..as Vicki says ….CASH FLOW!!!More next Tuesday …

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