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Returning from OK Coral in Okeechobee Florida

Over whelming again of importance of three bullet drill…..there is a thought process out there that if you are right eyed and right handed that you can look down the barrel and get the lead and shoot the target….Had two students that everytime they mounted the gun they looked STRAIGHT DOWN THE BARREL AT THE BEAD SIGHT!!!!!!!….what a long day for them and me…after they watched the animations they knew they were in for a long day but watching the animations and doing the three bullet drill they understood where their eyes were supposed to be and that visual helped them to understand why they kept missing the targets and both shooters FINALLY BEGAN LOOKING BEHIND THE MUZZLE AT THE TARGET AT ABOUT 2:30 to 3:00 pm…..Had one shooter for two days and the second day was much better but both were very frustrated with their reflex of looking down the barrel….it don’t matter how much they understand what they are supposed to be looking at the aiming reflex still remains the one biggest thing we must deal with…..the animations help with the logic of where to be looking but the overwhelming majority of shooters are still burdened with the reflex of looking down the barrel….maybe the next new product should a combination of animation and real shots about where your eye are really when you are looking at the bird and mount the gun ahead of the bird…..######!!!!!On another note there were some exciting victories at OK…almost all of the shooters once they began to see the target across the barrel began to consistently hit cross eyed targets…..started all shooters on the cross eyed targets to get them to understand the importance of seeing the targets BEHIND THE MUZZLE…first and third day the animations were a great success and when we did the three bullet drill with the shooters they were amazed at how much the animations changed their perceptions of what they ere supposed to be doing especially the women…..some got it instantly and some got in later in the day but all saw it and some got it deeply and some spurratically…..At lunch the third day student remarked that everyone says that you and Vicki are crazy or don’t teach what everyone else teaches….I agreed with him but then asked what he thought about what we teach after shooting just half a day with me?… Well he said it is different from what everyone teaches but way more EFFECTIVE…I mentioned to him that the one common thread that everyone who says that about us is that THEY HAVE NEVER HAD A LESSON FROM US…..I challenged him to ask directly the next person who said that if they had ever had a lesson from us….call me and lemeno what they said….we know what they will say…..simple answer is NO BUT I TALKED TO SOMEONE WHO HAS……bs….no one has spent the time or the money to research the science of visuo-motor skill or skill development or produce the products that we have produced to enhance the learning experience of our students world wide…..Off to Reno this week to do seminars at SCI show and then back home to rest for a couple of days….then to Phoenix for first time for 4 full days ………Rescheduled OK Coral for Feb 14-17 to handle overage from this trip and probably another trip in April…..around fishing of course!!!!!!!!

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Ok Corral Weekend