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OK Corral Weekend

Just leaving “sunny” warm Florida — NOT! But we had a great weekend at OK Corral in Okeechobee. So good, in fact, that we’ll return in three weeks. It’s a great club that is growing. There are a lot of great target presentations and they’re building another whole course.

We showed some of the animations and had many “a-has,” especially when we asked if everyone realized you never look down the barrel and you really look for the target behind the barrel.

We got the students to have more focus on the target than on the gun. Several folks asked why that obvious fact never came out. The answer is no one ever thinks or talks about where the eyes are – only about where the gun is and what the lead is. When we explain where the target must be to hit it, the response is “that makes sense.”

This is what we do: make shooting your shotgun fun and easy. We had two ladies for two days and I had all ladies on Sunday. They were so surprised to learn how effortless shooting became. Usually, they would be tired by two in the afternoon, but they weren’t because they didn’t feel they were working so hard on each shot. They were making their plan and then shooting the plan, letting the subconscious take the shot.

Another thing that was realized this weekend was how important having a good gun mount is. The OSP flashlight drill will be practiced a lot more in the coming days.

We’re off to Reno on Wednesday for the Safari Club International Convention for shotgun seminars. Of course, we’ll let you know the “a-has” that happen.