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Being Calm Under Pressure

Being calm under pressure comes from being under pressure. Skill is the ability to anticipate farther and farther ahead of what is going on in a pressure situation. Take into account what is going on and react calmly.

So, skill is the ability to anticipate. Why, then, do so many shooters set themselves up to have to chase after the targets they are trying to shoot? It’s still a mystery to me. Always push yourself to play farther and farther out in front of the target, seeing the target behind the barrels at the point of impact. Once the brain sees this enough times, it becomes natural to be early.

We see this every day we teach or observe shooters. They all play too close to the target and really don’t understand their results. This is why they are so confused and frustrated all the time. It looks right but does not break. They invariable end up looking down the barrel and miss the target.

What a lonely thing to not know why you keep making the same mistake over and over again. Be early and let it come as you stabilize the picture.