Regardless of where you are in your shooting game, the Ashes can help you bring it to the next level. Whether you shoot sporting clays, trap, skeet, or hunt birds, the OSP method will show you how!

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Comments from a Shooter

“I got your card today. Thanks for the follow-up. I have nearly finished reading ‘The Talent Code.’ I am doing my three-bullet drill until my shoulders tire, rest, and then repeat. After reading ‘The Talent Code,’ I apply my interpretation of deep training to the drill. It is a much slower gun movement and a concentrated view of the center target. My shooting has improved and I concentrate on utilizing my class training. 

Again, after reading that book, I understand and see Gil’s method of teaching. To be specific, I was at a loss of why there were no pats on the back or reinforcement recognition. I understand now and hope my myelin has increased.

In my practice at the range, I encountered some instructional opposition from my volunteer trapper. Not wanting to debate my lessons or method of shooting, I supported my method and continued to practice with a more intense focus to prove my point. My breaks became more crushing and my focus was laser-like. This occurred prior to my reading ‘The Talent Code.’ 

Replaying the situation, I felt like I was deep training. I recognized my improved shooting under the stress, before the book, but did not know what was occurring. Although I do not remember the term ‘stress’ being used in the many examples of deep training and amassing myelin. I believe a degree of stress improves my concentration. Something like boot camp, but maybe not that intense. 

Anyway, it is a lot to absorb, apply and utilize, but I want to.

J. Guthrie”

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