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Struggle is Necessary for Improvement

Thanks to Jeff Wolfe for sending this to me after we talked about writers and other instructors blatantly stealing our words and phrases:

“It’s like any other knowledge you don’t work to obtain. Just because you have it, that doesn’t mean you really understand it, or know how to apply it properly. Actually, that’s true of the whole learning process, I suppose.🙂”

This is why it’s the struggle that is necessary for improvement. The paradox is that the struggle is the one thing that everyone is afraid of. Remember: failure makes it clear to the brain what you don’t want it to do and allows you to be clear about what you want it to do.

That which is easily learned is easily forgotten.

The next Coaching Hour will feature Gary Davidson and what he has learned about how he performs best, and a discussion about the book “Golf Flow” by Gio Valiante. Read the book. The Coaching Hour is normally on the second Tuesday of the month at 8 central, but due to travel, it will be on Monday, August 18. If you would like to listen in and contribute, let Marlene know and we will get you a code to access the call.

I’m on my third reading of “Golf Flow,” and man, what a lot of insight this book has given me.

Some of you have been lost in the shuffle of the launch of the new site, and for that we are sorry. If you’ll let Marlene know, it will be fixed.

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