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Argentina 2014

We arrived in Cordoba, Argentina on Tuesday August 5 having left Houston on Monday August 4, at 12:30 AM, got through customs and then on to the lodge.That trip was another 2 hours but at the lodge Edwardo met us with champagne and goodies to snack on so it was 5 AM by the time we got to bed. Needless to say we choose to forgo the early morning hunt but not the afternoon one. This came after a wonderful lunch of beef and of course the fabulous deserts at each meal.The first hunt was wonderful with a lot of birds but we are in Argentina so we expected that. The nice thing was the field was very close to the lodge, like right around the corner. Yea! A true plus to this lodge–La Zeinada. The wind picked up in the afternoon so birds were very challenging. But the OSP Kick Ash method worked again as if you got behind these birds they were gone. The one thing we learned as we went to visit each student is that they would not start their move early enough to be able to stay in front of the bird and with the wind they could not catch up to the bird much less get in front of it. So we stood behind the student and told them when to begin their move and let the bird come to them. It worked a lot better that way. When everyone got tired back to the bus to go to the lodge to be met by Edwardo and the ladies who had fresh towels and mugs of cold beer to enjoy. What a nice surprise and the beer which I had not had a cold beer in over a year tasted wonderful. I think I had forgotten how good a cold beer after a hunt was.Dinner again was fabulous and the wines were delightful. Argentina is known for their beef and their Malbec wine and both are wonderful. Our chef did a great job of cooking the beef perfectly, the way we like it. And the desert was great, not like we have in the states, but ice cream with fruit, flan, crepes with blueberry ice cream etc. We rationalized that it was fruit and therefore it was good for you. HA!The second day Gil and I started the day with our protein shake as we knew if we kept this intake in we would not be happy by the next Tuesday when we were to go home. Morning hunt without the wind –much nicer–Birds not quite as erractic and many went down. Worked with everyone on moving earlier with the birds to stay in front. Gil had the job of doing video with the ShotKam to get more kill shots for the web site. He was a tired boy after shooting the ShotKam on the end of his gun but what great movies he got. They will be coming to the web site soon.The third day was even better with everyone getting over their fear of using their Full chokes on the birds. Many of the birds were high with a lot of wind, so we put those full chokes and went to town. By the end of the day full choke was the perfect choke and the 2 that had rented guns from the lodge realized the importance of bringing their own guns. Three of us will not hunt tomorrow as we have to travel 4 hours to the pigeon lodge in the hills west of Cordoba. The 2 that weren’t going to shoot pigeons hunted that morning and off to the airport to return to the states.The long drive was worth it as we arrived at the estancia that was built in 1611, and the pigeon shoots all 4 days was superb. A lot of laughing (Tom) and howling as each bird went down. We added 4 of our students from Mexico City to add to the fun and laughing for 4 days. This lodge was in the hills and a completely different feel and much colder than the dove lodge in the valley.We had an absolute ball at both lodges and now are going home to loose the weight we gained but what a way to go. Great food, great hunting, and most important great people. We will return to do this trip again. Remember, the life of the hunter is very hard. He must rise early in the morning and eat then hunt the birds then eat again then siesta then hunt the birds then eat and drink the wine.. THE LIFE OF THE HUNTER IS VERY HARD!full choke fear

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