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74 Ranch Quail Hunt

Hunting Quail at the 74 Ranch

I got a call from Milo at the 74 Ranch, who wanted to know if I was going to make it for lunch. I told him we would be there tomorrow for lunch, no problem. He said I was supposed to be there for lunch on Wednesday to hunt with Larry and Charlie Wednesday and Thursday. Senior moment… So we got in Vicki’s Tahoe, left, and made it to 74 by dinner…with egg on my face.

We had a great time at dinner and had some of Vicki’s wine. All was good. But I have this feeling that it will be a few years before I will be able to forget not showing up on time to hunt quail with the two doctors. That helped me rehab my shoulder after my last fall.

So we retired for the evening and got up the next morning. In an effort not to be hurried, I got my MacBook out and looked at about 100 quail ShotKam shots before breakfast. Shooting my K-20 with improved cylinder and mod with Rio #6s in my pouch, hunter orange vest and hat, and my snake boots, we loaded up and left the lodge for the morning hunt.

Charlie was the least experienced among us, so we put him in the middle. Larry chose the right flank and I took the left. Our wives decided to come on the hunt and walk with us and were welcome. So with Vicki over my left shoulder and the other wives shadowing Larry and Charlie, the hunt began.

The Kill Shot Reviews Work!

On the first 11 shots I took, I connected. I attribute that to looking at the ShotKam before breakfast earlier that morning. It was as if when the bird flushed, I had already seen 100 or so quail shots that morning. There was no rush. The gun and the bird just came together. The gun speed adjusted and line and lead just happened and the bird folded. Single after single with two doubles.

This gives me the incentive to pursue how to train the brain with the ShotKam kill shot reviews. It was as If I had already been there on all shots that morning – yet I had not hunted quail this year at all.

Yes, I did miss a few, but not many. Vicki commented that I was so not rushed. I also attribute that to the ShotKam shots I reviewed before breakfast and programming my brain by watching 100 shots on quail. It was amazing. More later

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