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Nuisance Decisions!

Well, I got trapped in the nuisance decision vortex today.

I’m doing a lot of planning and just totally forgot that we were supposed to hunt quail with Dr. Charlie Rockwood and Dr. Larry Trick at the 74 Ranch. These two guys helped me with my rotator cuff rehab and we have been doing a day of hunting together since my last incident.

Milo called and asked me if he should leave a plate for lunch for us and I told him we should be there by lunchtime tomorrow. He said the hunt was from noon today to noon tomorrow. Oh well.

So it’s 5:30 PM and we’re on the road to 74 Ranch to hunt tomorrow morning, and then to hunt with some other students on Friday through Sunday. I’ll get back on Friday to tell you who we are hunting with. Well, we are going to shoot some easy targets at the ranch on the clays range to get my feel back and get my pictures back in check.

Mitch is also working on a duck kill shot review with a twist, and it should be up on the Knowledge Vault on Thursday or Friday. Check it out. We think we have discovered a new approach to showing you what the picture really is and looks like by insetting a moving Brian animation that is synced up with the ShotKam shot. And we want your comments on this ShotKam shot.