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ShotKam: What a Difference!

Vicki and I had invited Gary and Rachel down to the 74 Ranch to celebrate their fifth anniversary. With all experienced hunters in the group, we decided that we would hunt no more than three per hunt. So each one of us would sit one hunt out.

I lifted something wrong that morning and my back began to hurt, so I sat the first hunt out and worked on the computer. I reviewed the first duck kill shot review, third revision. We are close but need to reformat the Brian animation that is inset in the ShotKam shot that shows you where your eyes are as the shot comes together. It’s a neat concept and tremendously educational.

My back still hurt, even though I managed to stretch the vertebra back into place with some exercises. lt hurt, but not as much. I hoped for better results after a night of rest and stretching exercises. It popped really well on Saturday morning while laying in bed and I felt great. I could not wait to get out there and walk the fields.

Once again, I looked at ShotKam shots before going out there to hunt, and man what a difference for the morning shoot. It was like I had been on several hunts even though it was only my second hunt. This makes me very optimistic about doing ShotKam shot reviews on all game birds, as well as trap, skeet, and sporting clays.

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