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Dallas Safari Club Seminars

We did our seminars at Dallas Safari Club’s convention last weekend. And as always, the animations were a hit. Everyone liked the duck, pheasant, dove, and pigeon kill shots from the Knowledge Vault. You could see that they just all wanted to go out and shoot after they watched them. And not just watch them once, but many times over and over again.

I commented that watching these kill shots over and over again is so fun. It’s the first time you can actually see what is happening when you shoot your shotgun at a moving object. People have never been able to see how it all happens, so it’s always been a mystery.

Another thing that everyone was surprised to learn is that they can’t look down the barrel of the shotgun and hit anything. It’s like confessional time. They raise their hands when we ask if they are looking down the barrel and then they say they can’t hit anything. This leads us into asking if they would like to know why.

Showing where the eyes are and then the realization that no one had ever told them to not look at the gun or the idea that they have been trying not to look at the gun wasn’t working. It’s always a relief to folks when they realize they are not alone and to understand how the eyes and brain work. That’s why the animations are so helpful; they show where the eyes are and keep the gun in front of the target.

Changing the thought process from the gun in front to the target behind the gun makes the transition a lot easier and they understand what the picture is. Then the mystery is gone and the answer is clear. You can see the relief in their eyes because now they understand how it works.

We did both healing seminars and came home to get ready for the next opportunity to enlighten the masses.